Jigsaw Fuel Management Systems

In 2007 Jigsaw was formed to exploit the coming together of a reliable Internet and Mobile phone Network to develop the first of a new generation of fuel management systems. At the time, the nearest to real-time was a daily “ring round” of all the fuelling terminals using landline phone technology and modems.

Jigsaw developed the first Real Time, web-based fuel management system to specifically exploit the Mobile Data technology we take for granted today. The Jigsaw Eclipse terminal was launched a year later and has been so reliable and successful that the design has remained the same since.

Our Sectors

Discover the markets and sectors we cover below.

General Haulage

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General Haulage

The Haulage market has been the driving force for mainstream fuel management and hence has the most options available for modes of operation.

Bus and Coach

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Bus &

Jigsaw have developed many unique features specific to the Bus and Coach Industry; these include a live feedback tile showing a list of buses.

Mining & Quarrying

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Mining & Quarrying

One of the most difficult environments for any sort of electronic control equipment – dust, dirt, heavy equipment, changing geography.

Trains & Railways

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Trains & Railways

The Jigsaw system has been adapted for use in the railway industry by adding specific features such as the ability to manage vehicles in sets.

Ports & Harbours

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Ports & Harbours

Jigsaw manage the fuelling of boats from small leisure craft to ocean liners. As well as boats, Jigsaw equipment is used to fuel the support equipment.

Airport & Airfields

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Airport & Airfields

Jigsaw manage fuelling of aircraft and ground equipment on the largest airports in the UK such as Gatwick and Heathrow, carried out by mobile fuel.

Mobile Refuelling

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Mobile Refuelling

Because the Jigsaw system uses mobile phone data communications, there is no real difference between a static and a mobile fuelling operation.

Weights & Measures/MID ReSale Systems

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Weights & Measures

As the fuel top-up is used in many cases, most installations will require an MID approved pump Fuel Management System to charge for fuel used.

Green Fuels – LNG, CNG, LPG, Hydrogen and Bio Fuels

Whilst the CNG / LNG Market has been active in the UK for many years, it has only recently become a viable option for long-range haulage with the first independent gas filling stations opening across the UK. As far as the driver is concerned, the vehicle and the fuelling experience are as straightforward as using diesel.

LPG Dispensers

Jigsaw Fuel Island controllers interface to a wide range of LPG/CNG dispensers which are available for interface with the Jigsaw Eclipse.

CNG, LNG and Hydrogen

Jigsaw work with a range of specialist companies supplying gas compression equipment and gas dispensers.

Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel may be dispensed by the same equipment used to deliver ordinary fossil fuel based diesel.

Fuel Management Systems

These control the delivery of fuel into your fleet so that you know what is fuelled, how much, when and by whom. From single sites to large networks, Jigsaw systems will ensure every drop is accounted for.

These systems can manage your existing pumps, or we can co-ordinate the supply of new pumps, tanks and gauging as required. Jigsaw have the widest range of vehicle ID options anywhere, so please get in touch to discuss the system best suited to your business.

EV Recharging Stations

As businesses add Electric Vehicles in to their fleet mix, Jigsaw systems are ready to manage EV charging in the same way as they monitor liquid fuels.

EV Charge sessions appear on the system alongside petrol and diesel fuellings and are reported on in the way.

Jigsaw have developed a charge point controller allowing banks of lower cost “dumb” charge points to be managed whilst still complying with the latest “online” requirements for EV Charge points.

Get in Touch

Jigsaw Systems may be configured in many different ways to suit your business. If you don’t see exactly what you need here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The system has been developed with the help of end users in each market sector so we are confident that we can cover any requirements with our systems.

Why Choose Jigsaw Fuel Management?

We always use experienced and reliable suppliers and work with them to ensure that products are built consistently to the latest quality standards. We work with and Interface with the best third-party equipment suppliers so that reliability isn’t compromised.

  • Many System Variants To Suit Your Business Needs

  • True Real Time, Web Based Systems

  • Reliable Integrated Mobile Data Technology

  • Wide Jigsaw Supplier Network
  • Comprehensive Web based data manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, and it is highly recommended that this is done. With an attached tank gauge the system sends back reading with EVERY fuelling.

Read more about our Tank Gauges

No – And you don’t need to compromise your business network security either. The Jigsaw systems have integrated GSM data communications and so are completely independent of your IT infrastructure.

Yes – unlike others that claim to be real time but simply poll more often than the usual “once per day”, Jigsaw fuel island terminals connect to the server in real time as required.

Yes – this is best accomplished by integrating with an electronic tank gauge. The system watches the tank contents and recognises “sudden loss” events (ie fuel fall with no pump turned on) because this is a true on line system, the terminal does not have to wait to be polled, but immediately connects to the server and raises e-mail and/or text alerts.

Yes – we can arrange to train your staff over teams, zoom or similar. The web service is very simple and intuitive, so training only takes about 30 minutes to get over the fundamentals. After a few weeks of operating the system, it is recommended that a second session is organised to ask more in depth questions.

Yes – Jigsaw have a range of distributors from local to national giving you the choice and flexibility you demand. Please get in touch to discuss your preferences.

Our Products

Discover the wide range of Jigsaw products we supply below.


This superbly designed, high gain antenna ensures reliable communications just about anywhere on the planet.


A fuel management system must offer secure access to your fuel – a plastic enclosure is simply not an option.

Retrofit Systems

Upgrade your existing Fuel Management Hardware to the latest, real time, web based Jigsaw management system.

Web Services

The Jigsaw Fuel web service has been designed to give easy access to all your fuel data – easy and intuitive.

Tank Guard

The Jigsaw TankGuard system gathers data in real time from all your on site gauges and feeds it back to a web service.

Pump Integrated

Jigsaw do not manufacture pumps. Jigsaw work with the best pump manufacturers and integrate the fuel system.

Jigsaw EasyFuel

The EasyFuel system has been designed to operate around the world with many different vehicles and ID tags.

Jigsaw Teletag

The TeleTag Reader can be augmented by fitting our FuelGuard unit to the vehicle so that the mileage is read.

Join Our Team :

Jigsaw’s Fuel Management Systems operate all over the world. Our network of distributors installs and maintains the systems, and Jigsaw is always looking to expand to new territories

Please get in touch if you are interested in bringing the Jigsaw Fuel management system to your market.