Real Time Fuel Management Market Sectors


The Haulage market has been the driving force for mainstream fuel management and hence has the most options available for modes of operation.

Bus and Coach

Jigsaw Fuel have developed many unique features specific to the industry; live unfuelled vehicle tile, teletag hands free ID for fuellers and more.

Mines & Quarries

One of the most difficult environments for any sort of electronic control equipment – dust, dirt, heavy equipment, changing geography.

Green Fuels

Whilst the CNG / LNG Market has been active in the UK for many years, it has only recently become a viable option for long range haulage.

Trains & Railways

The Jigsaw system has been adapted for use in the railway industry by adding specific features such as the ability to manage vehicles in sets.

Ports & Harbours

Whether trawlers, pleasure craft or Jet Ski’s Jigsaw systems can control the delivery of fuel and manage user accounts.

Airport & Airfields

Jigsaw manage fuelling of aircraft and ground equipment on the largest airports in the UK. Fuelling can be from static or mobile delivery systems

Mobile Refuelling

Because the Jigsaw system uses mobile phone data communications, there is no real difference between a static and a mobile fuelling operation.

Weights & Measures

The Jigsaw Eclipse is fully MID approved for the resale of fuel with arrange of pumps and all of our ID devices

Emergency Services

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County-District-Local Councils

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Car, Van and Truck Hire

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Get in Touch

Even though our systems have features, and may be adapted to a range of fuelling environments, every business is different, so please get in touch with us to discuss what you want to achieve with the system and we will recommend the most appropriate solution.