Fuel Management for Haulage

Real Time Fuel Management for the Haulage Industry

System Features

  • The real-time stock view shows across all tanks on all sites with predictions based on current usage of when to re-order stock and how long the current stock will last The system will generate e-mails automatically when stocks run low.

  • The system will generate monthly reports and distribute them automatically, leaving the user free to concentrate on managing any issues raised rather than moving paper.

  • The system automatically generates real-time fuelling information highlighting vehicles and people using excessive amounts of fuel. The web service lets you quickly delve into the data behind these issues.

  • The system will show when there are peaks and troughs in demand for fuel, comparing fuel usage year on year. The system will also compare the price you are paying for fuel with the average refinery gate price.

  • Suppose a Telematics (Vehicle Tracking) system is fitted to your vehicles. In that case, the Jigsaw system can interrogate the Telematics server to automatically gather mileage information and add it to your fuelling transactions, negating the need for the driver-typed mileage entry.

On the Fuel Island

The Fuel Island Controller gives 24-hour Secure access to your fuel pumps. A Single terminal can manage up to four pumps, typically monitoring Diesel and AdBlu. A site can have as many terminals as are required.

One or more Jigsaw Eclipse Terminals will be fitted to the fuel island and connected to control and monitor each pump so that fuel may only be drawn on presentation of a valid vehicle ID tag and Driver ID.

Each vehicle will have an RFID fob tag issued to it which is attached to the vehicle’s key ring. Additionally, each driver may optionally be issued with an RFID tag or at least be issued with a driver ID number which may be entered at the keypad.

The fuelling transaction will contain details of which vehicle was fuelled, when it was fuelled, what products it took, and the quantities of those products. In addition, the mileage and the driver ID may also be gathered when fuelling.

For complete stock management, a tank gauging system would be added to the fuel tanks and integrated with the fuel management system so that fuel deliveries may be confirmed and checked and theft from the tanks detected.

On the Fuel Server

Each person requiring access to the fuel management service would be issued a username and password. In addition, one or more individuals can have administrator-level access rights to add and delete users.

Details of each vehicle in the fleet is entered into the web service, setting product restrictions, tank capacity, mileage prompts, etc., and assigning the vehicle into groups so meaningful reports may be generated.

Any reports which need to be generated daily, weekly or monthly are configured as required so that they will automatically be produced and distributed.

E-mail addresses may be entered so that warnings of low fuel stocks etc., may be automatically generated and directed to the relevant staff as they occur. In addition, offsite Fuellings can be imported directly from your card issuer’s data files so that you have a complete picture of all the fuellings.

Most Used Reports

Period Stock
Vehicle Group Fuel Usage

Get in Touch:

Jigsaw Systems may be configured in many different ways to suit your business. If you don’t see exactly what you need here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The system has been developed with the help of end users in each market sector so we are confident that we can cover any requirements with our systems.

Relevant Vision Tiles

  • Fuel Stock Holding AdBlue / Diesel Comparative Drawings

  • Fuel Purchase history
  • Group MPG Comparison
  • Vehicle Highest Fuel Usage
  • Driver Highest Fuel Usage
  • CO2 Emissions

More Information

If you’d like to learn more about our Jigsaw Fuel Management systems and relevant vision tiles, please be sure to download our PDF brochure!

You can read it by clicking here:

Options to consider

  • If drivers can’t be relied on to type in accurate mileages, then hardware may be fitted to the vehicles, automatically gathering and passing the mileage from the vehicle to the fuel island. Jigsaw Midas, FuelGuard and EasyFuel all have this option. Alternatively, some pass the vehicle’s mileage back to the telematics server if the vehicle is fitted with a tracking system. Again, Jigsaw has interfaces to several telematics servers to recover this mileage automatically.

  • Whilst not strictly necessary for stock management, Tank Gauging is a recommended add-on to the system as it confirms the book stock level and makes quick deliveries, fuel theft, and bad pump calibration obvious and quick to spot.

  • Identifying the driver will enable the system to give valuable information on driver efficiency and misuse of company fuel.

  • A “Yard Key” is often issued, used to fuel visiting vehicles, contract hires vehicles and just about anything else – legitimate or otherwise. Plan for these eventualities by holding spare keys on site that can be issued and recovered as necessary – alternatively, the yard key can be a fueller tag or a master tag where a valid registration number must be entered.

  • Consider Green Fuels. Whilst most commercial vehicles still use diesel and gas oil, there is more and more concern for the problems of NOx and particulate emissions. There is even talk of banning diesel vehicles from city centres. Jigsaw works with several hauliers and independent gas supply companies to establish a network of CNG and LNG fuelling stations.

  • If your pumps are getting past their prime, Jigsaw offers several integrated solutions which save space and money. For example, the fuel management system and the pump are built into one cabinet. This is especially useful on single pump sites.

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