Fuel Management for Mines and Quarries

Real Time, Web Based Fuel Management for the Mines and Quarries

System Features

  • The Real-time stock view across all tanks on all sites with predictions based on current usage of when to re-order stock and how long the current stock will last The system will generate e-mails automatically when stocks run low.

  • The system will generate monthly reports and distribute them automatically, leaving the user free to concentrate on managing issues raised rather than moving paper.

  • The system automatically generates real-time fuelling information highlighting vehicles and people using excessive amounts of fuel. The web service lets you quickly delve into the data behind these issues.

  • The system will show when there are peaks and troughs in demand for fuel, comparing fuel usage year on year. The system will also compare the price you are paying for fuel with the average refinery gate price.

On the Fuelling Site

On most mining sites, there is a mix of both static and mobile refuelling required. Smaller plants and vehicles can pull up to a conventional fuelling point and use a fuel pump as normal. However, larger plant and fixed equipment such as graders and generators will need to be fuelled from a mobile fuel truck or bowser.

Vehicles fuelling at the static fill points are issued with a handheld tag fixed to the vehicle’s key ring. This identifies the vehicle to the system and automatically allocates fuel drawn to that vehicle. In addition, a Jigsaw Eclipse system would be fitted on the Static Fuel Island.

The Fuel Bowser is fitted with a Jigsaw Nova system so that mobile refuelling has the same level of security as the static fill points. Each piece of static plant is fitted with an ID tag read by a Hand Held Scanner (Jigsaw FuelWand). The driver takes the hose to the plant, scans the tag, and enables the fuel flow. This ensures that the fueller controls the fuel hose at all times during the fuelling reducing any opportunity for spillage.

Fuel Stocks transferred from the static tank to the fuel bowser are managed properly as stock movements using a tank transfer tag. If needed, driver tags may also be issued to identify the person drawing the fuel.

On the Fuel Server

Each person requiring access to the fuel management service is issued a username and password. In addition, one or more individuals will have administrator-level access rights to add and modify other users’ details.

Details of each vehicle in the fleet are entered through the web service, setting product restrictions, engine hours/mileage prompts, etc., and assigning the vehicle into groups so meaningful reports may be generated.

Any reports which need to be generated daily, weekly or monthly are configured as required so that they will automatically be produced and distributed.

Most Used Reports

Period Stock
Vehicle Group Fuel Usage

Get in Touch:

Jigsaw Systems may be configured in many different ways to suit your business. If you don’t see exactly what you need here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The system has been developed with the help of end users in each market sector so we are confident that we can cover any requirements with our systems.

Relevant Vision Tiles

  • Fuel Stock Holding
  • Fuel Purchase history
  • Group MPG Comparison
  • Vehicle Highest Fuel Usage
  • Driver Highest Fuel Usage
  • CO2 Emissions

More Information

Unique Jigsaw Vision Tiles give Real Time information. Click below to download the latest information on the Jigsaw Fuel Management System specifically designed for the mining industry in PDF format.

Options to consider

  • If operators can’t be relied on to type in accurate mileages/hours run, then hardware may be fitted to the vehicles/plant, automatically gathering and passing the mileage from the vehicle to the fuel island. Jigsaw Midas, FuelGuard and EasyFuel all have this option.

  • Tank Gauging is a recommended add-on to the system for the best stock management as it confirms the book stock level and makes quick deliveries, fuel theft, and bad pump calibration obvious and quick to spot.

  • Whilst not strictly necessary, identifying the driver or fueller will enable the system to make inroads into driver efficiency and misuse of company fuel. By Issuing a Driver or Fueller tag to each person, the system can automatically allocate fuel against the person and vehicle and generate reports based on this information.

  • Often, an “Override” is issued to fuel vehicles where an ID tag hasn’t been issued or lost, but this ends up as a convenient way to get around maintaining the vehicle table and gets used for just about anything – legitimate or otherwise. Plan for these eventualities by holding spare keys on site that can be issued and recovered as necessary – alternatively, the override tag can be a fueller tag or a master tag where a valid registration or fleet number must be entered before fuelling.

  • On large mining sites, the plant equipment is managed directly by onboard telematic systems, which may be enhanced by uploading fuelling information. The Jigsaw system can be configured to upload a daily file to the third-party servers or even upload each transaction as it occurs through a web service.

  • It may also be required to manage the engine and hydraulic oils from a mobile bowser on larger sites. The Jigsaw Eclipse system can manage up to four products and operate from 12 or 24 Volt Supply.

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