Mobile Fuel Management

Real Time Fuel Management for the Haulage Industry

System Features

  • Continuous Stock Management from initial delivery on site, from static tanks to mobile bowsers, from bowser to final fuel user – fuel stock movement is logged at each stage.

  • Responsible Driver ID is logged along with other fuel parameters.

  • The system automatically generates real-time fuelling information highlighting vehicles and people using excessive amounts of fuel. The web service lets you quickly delve into the data behind these issues.

  • All vehicles and plant equipment fuelling are monitored and reported in the same place, mobile or static refuelling.

  • Mobile and Static tank contents are viewable through the web service in real-time.

Safer Fuelling

Where it is impractical or inefficient to bring the equipment to be fuelled to a fuel island, it is usual for the fuel to be brought to the equipment using a fuel bowser. In the past, this has reduced fuel security or reliance on written fuelling information from the browser driver. However, because the jigsaw system uses the mobile data network, refuelling from a browser is now as secure as on a static fuel site.

Typically, the fuller has to park the fuel bowser adjacent to the equipment to be fuelled, then reel the hose to the fuelling point. Whether the fueller ID’s the vehicle first, pulls out a charged hose, inserts the nozzle, and walks back to the fuel terminal, there is a much-increased possibility that fuel will be spilt.

The Jigsaw FuelWand has been designed to give the operator control of the filling process at all times. It’s a handheld ID Tag reader linked to the fuel controller by radio.

With the hose deployed, the fueller reads a tag fixed to the equipment being fuelled, and the fuel starts to flow. Because the fueller is at the point of delivery during the fuelling process, there is much less possibility of a fuel spill.

Joined Up Stock Management

In the past, fuel management systems treated the tank on the back of a bowser as just another vehicle, so this was where fuel and stock management stopped.

The Jigsaw system has a Stock Transfer Tag, which allows a normal refuelling at the pump to fill the bowser, but treats the resulting transaction as a stock transfer from the static tank to the bowser that stock management is maintained right to the point of fuelling.

Mobile Fuel Management Hardware

In most cases, only one product is being dispensed, so the Jigsaw Nova system is the obvious choice. Its small size and ability to operate from 12 or 24 Volts make it easy to site on the fuel bowser.

If more products are to be managed, or alphanumeric data entry is required, then the Jigsaw Eclipse may be used instead, as it has been designed to operate from a DC supply. Both systems will operate with both the FuelWand and FuelGuard add-ons.

Most Used Reports

Transaction listings by group and pump
Period Stock
Group Fuel

Get in Touch:

Jigsaw Systems may be configured in many different ways to suit your business. If you don’t see exactly what you need here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The system has been developed with the help of end users in each market sector so we are confident that we can cover any requirements with our systems.

Relevant Vision Tiles

  • Site Throughput Growth Curve – Track Fuel Used over time
  • Group MPG Comparison Swarm Graph – Easily compare equipment types
  • Vehicle Highest Fuel Usage by Group
  • CO2 Emissions

More Information

To learn more, please feel free to click below and download the latest information on the Jigsaw Fuel Management System specifically designed for the mobile refuelling industry in PDF format.

Options to consider

  • Mobile Refuelling can be as simple as the driver typing in a Plant or Vehicle ID before fuelling, but this can be open to abuse or mistakes. A more secure system will see the driver issued with a Jigsaw FuelWand, where a tag is permanently fitted to the vehicle, and the driver scans the tag before fuelling.

  • If mileage or engine hours are captured, then the FuelWand may be augmented by fitting a FuelGuard to the equipment so that the mileage or engine hours are automatically gathered at the fuelling time. Mixed operation is possible with some vehicles not gathering mileage, some manually typing mileage input, and some automatically gathering mileage using the FuelGuard system.

  • For the best stock management, the Tank Transfer key should be used to transfer stock from a fixed tank to the bowsers tank.

  • Tank Gauging is not very practical on a mobile bowser, but by fitting a tank gauge to the static tank, it is possible to verify the static fuel stock and the amount delivered from that tank to the bowser.

  • Make sure that emergency fuel flow controls are considered. For example, long hoses dragged across the open ground can lead to fuel spills, and dry break hose couplings should be considered.

  • On many sites where mobile refuelling is required, there is usually a requirement to also fill fuel cans. By attaching RFID tags to these cans, the amount of fuel issued to them may be managed along with the rest. Unfortunately, this type of open-ended fuel issue is often an area where the fuel goes missing.

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