Real Time Fuel Management Products and Services


This superbly designed, high gain antenna ensures reliable communications just about anywhere on the planet.


A fuel management system must offer secure access to your fuel – a plastic enclosure is simply not an option.

Retrofit Systems

Upgrade your existing Fuel Management Hardware to the latest, real time, web based Jigsaw management system.

Web Services

The Jigsaw Fuel web service has been designed to give easy access to all your fuel data – easy and intuitive.

Tank Guard

The Jigsaw TankGuard system gathers data in real time from all your on site gauges and feeds it back to a web service.

Pump Integrated

Jigsaw do not manufacture pumps. Jigsaw work with the best pump manufacturers and integrate the fuel system.

Jigsaw Tank Gauge Systems

Jigsaw use various technologies to measure fuel depth and then calculate the volume of fuel from tank dimensions.

ID Devices

The vehicle stops at the fuel island and turns off its ignition, this initiates its telematics system to update its server information.

Get in Touch:

Jigsaw Systems may be configured in many different ways to suit your business. If you don’t see exactly what you need here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The system has been developed with the help of end users in each market sector so we are confident that we can cover any requirements with our systems.