Jigsaw EasyFuel

Nozzle Based, Automatic Vehicle ID System

Jigsaw EasyFuel Nozzle-Based Automatic Vehicle Identification System

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  • Fully Integrated with both Eclipse and Nova
  • Ideal for Mobile refuelling Operations
  • ID Only and ID with Mileage Capture Options
  • Ensures fuel is only delivered to authorised vehicles
  • Simple to Fit to fuelling nozzle
  • Radio Linked – no wires from the hose
  • ATEX Approved

System Benefits

Where the nozzle type can’t be accommodated with the nozzle Pack, a handheld scanner is available that allows the user to scan the tag fitted to the vehicle/plant in the same way the nozzle pack does.

The Hand Held Scanner is also useful for mobile refuelling operations where the driver is remote from the refuelling pump.

  • Fast and Efficient Fuelling
  • Stops the filling of secondary containers
  • Automatic Vehicle ID
  • Automatic Mileage Capture ensures accurate MPG figures

Functional Diagram

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More Information

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