Jigsaw Retrofits

Real Time, Web Based, Retrofit Fuel Management Systems

Upgrade your existing Fuel Management Hardware to the latest, real time, web based system

This upgrade to your current system is a lower-cost alternative to replacing the entire unit; we leave the parts of the system that don’t need to be replaced, such as the relays, override switches, cabling and power supply and replace the parts that domain logic, communications system, ID Reader. Keypad and display.

The upgrade uses the existing enclosure but replaces the door with a new one, adding all the new web-enabled electronics and giving the system a modern look.

With this upgrade, we also add more options to your system – all the ID and access methods that Jigsaw support become available. In addition, you can add a real-time interface to your tank gauge, giving features such as automatic stock theft and delivery detection.

Most importantly, your system moves from a second (stand-alone) or third generation (PC Polled) system directly to the latest fourth generation fuel management system where all data is held centrally and accessed through any web browser – no server to manage, no more “ringing round” the sites to update the fleet and download the transactions.

Triscan Integra

Optima and Optima PC Retrofits

Timeplan Sigma Retrofit

Dual Tag Reader – Use Existing Timeplan tags then add less expensive jigsaw tags

Merridale FC Retrofit

Go from a stand alone system to a Web Based, Real Time system in one simple upgrade

Key Hardware Changes

The advantages of the Jigsaw upgrade will depend on the original system, but chief amongst them are:

  • Replaces the existing front door with a new stainless steel unit giving your system a new appearance.
  • Replaces the existing computer hardware with an ultra reliable RISC processor based system.
  • Completely independent of your IT infrastructure – no network connections, no phone lines.
  • Simplified vehicle tag set up – no data to program in to tags – just assign and go.
  • Adds a local, solid state data backup of all fuellings
  • Clear, Large Character Backlit Display
  • Uses an Ultra Reliable Keypad
  • Replaces all Door Seals
  • Adds an Ultra Secure MultiTumbler lock
  • Reliable RFID Vehicle ID Tags
  • Access to a wide range of alternate ID methods (Click for more information)
  • Option to add a real time interface to a wide range of electronic tank gauge equipment

Retrofit System Options

Use your existing ID tags and cards

To further reduce the cost of upgrading, the Jigsaw system has the ability to read most of the existing third party RFID and touch key type ID devices.

By adding a dual reader, the system can make the migration from more expensive or obsolete ID devices easier and less expensive than simply throwing them away and starting again.

RFID tag reader for vehicle & driver ID

Jigsaw have developed a universal RFID tag reader which can accept a wide range of Non Contact tags and cards.

Not only can we read existing vehicle tags from third party fuel management systems, but we can also read driver ID cards and tags used for door access or vending machine purposes.

Data interface imports and exports

Another block to updating your system could be data interfaces that have been developed – importing data in to the fuel management system or exporting data from it. Jigsaw have a team of expert developers that can mimic any existing data formats, in or out of the system with a sample.

Additionally, Jigsaw have a wide range of existing imports and exports already written – importing fuel card data, exporting to fleet management packages or SAP etc.

Secure your fuel with electronic tank gauges

The Jigsaw system interfaces to just about any electronic tank gauge and seamlessly integrates the data in to the web service. Having both a gauge and a book stock turbo charges your ability to detect and diagnose fuel stock issues such as:

  • Fuel Theft from the tank
  • Short fuel deliveries to site
  • Badly calibrated pumps
  • Fuel deliveries not input
  • Incorrect delivery amounts entered

Get in Touch:

Jigsaw Systems may be configured in many different ways to suit your business. If you don’t see exactly what you need here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The system has been developed with the help of end users in each market sector so we are confident that we can cover any requirements with our systems.

Jigsaw Retrofits Features Checklist

  • Latest Generation, Real Time, Web Based System
  • Reliable Keypad, Clear Backlit display

  • Self Contained GSM Network communications
  • Real Time Tank gauge interface to most gauges
  • Wide range of ID options become available to you
  • Wide range of fleet and system diagnosis tools through the web service
  • Comprehensive reporting on all aspects of the system

More Information

If you’d like to learn more about our Jigsaw Fuel Management Services, please be sure to download our PDF brochure!

You can read or download it by clicking here: