Real Time, Web Based Fuel Management Terminal

Jigsaw Nova Fuel Management System

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  • Latest generation, real time, web based system
  • Single pump control

  • Self contained network communications
  • Real-time tank gauge interface

  • Multiple data backups
  • May be powered from mains or a 12V/24V DC Supply

More Benefits of the Jigsaw Nova

However good the rest of the system, if the power supply cant give reliable, stable, spike free power, then nothing else matters. The Nova has a wide input range (90 to 250 Volts) switch mode power supply so that whatever fluctuations there are on the mains supply, or fed back from pump motors, the system will be able to rely on a a constant supply voltage. The 12/24 volt option for mobile bowser installations has the ability to filter out the dips and spikes typical in vehicle systems.
The Nova IS NOT designed around a PC, and DOES NOT use a third party operating system such as Windows – both things wholly unsuited to use on a fuel island. The Nova is based around the ultra reliable ARM CORTEX RISC Microprocessor and ALL the internal software has been written and is supported by Jigsaw. This avoids exposure to computer viruses and hackers, means that there are no updates to manage and ensures that your system will give many years of reliable service.
To ensure maximum accuracy of the pump interface, it is imperative that there can be no interference from voltage differences, spikes and earthing problems so the Nova has an Opto isolated interface between the pump and Fuel terminal.
Because of the high instantaneous switching currents on pump motors, the pump control relay in the Nova is rated at 30 Amps peak with a 10 Amp load. The relay is fitted with a snubber network to protect the contacts from damage over time from electrical arcs, thus ensuring long term system reliability

Fuel Management Options

Mount Options

  • Stainless Steel Plinth Mount
  • Tank / Wall Mount
  • Pump Top Mount
  • Bowser Mounting – 12/24 Volt Supply

ID Options

  • RFID Tags
  • Jigsaw Midas Auto ID System

  • Jigsaw EasyFuel – Nozzle Based
  • Jigsaw FuelWand and FuelGuard
  • Typed ID for Vehicle and/or Driver
  • Third-Party RFID Devices (eg Existing Fuel Tags from old FM Systems)

Pump Types

  • Delivery Pump – Normal Fuellings
  • Debowsing Pump – Takes fuel from vehicles, shows negative transaction and adds to stock

  • Delivery Pump – Measures deliveries into storage tanks – auto adds to stock
  • Fuel Transfer Pump – Moves stock automatically from static tank to fuel bowser

Access Options

  • Stainless Steel Plinth Mount
  • Tank / Wall Mount
  • Pump Top Mount
  • Bowser Mounting – 12/24 Volt Supply

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Jigsaw Systems may be configured in many different ways to suit your business. If you don’t see exactly what you need here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The system has been developed with the help of end users in each market sector so we are confident that we can cover any requirements with our systems.

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