Pump Integrated Eclipse

Manufacturer Approved Fuel Management / Pump Integrations

Jigsaw Pump Integrated Eclipse Fuel Management System

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  • Latest generation, real time, web based system
  • Fully MID approved options available
  • Self contained network communications
  • Real-time tank gauge interface optional
  • Wide choice of pump types and specifications
  • Pump retrofits possible

More Benefits of Jigsaw Pump Integrations

The Fuel Management system is a true fourth generation solution where the users ID is validated in real time against a central server, and all transactions are passed to the server as they occur; no once a day or on demand polling. The system can use any of the mobile data networks available for fast and reliable communications
All the Eclipse ID methods are available to be integrated with the pump, and are all approved for MID use as well. The access methods available include RFID tags, a wide range of fuel cards and our Nozzle based fuelling ID EasyFuel.
The Eclipse IS NOT designed around a PC, and DOES NOT use a third party operating system such as Windows – both things wholly unsuited to use on a fuel island. The Eclipse is based around the ultra reliable ARM CORTEX RISC Microprocessor and ALL the internal software has been written and is supported by Jigsaw. This avoids exposure to computer viruses and hackers, means that there are no third party updates to manage and ensures that your system will give many years of reliable service.

Different Pump Variants Available

  • Single Pump
  • Twin Pump – Same Products
  • MID Approved
  • Debowsing Pumps
  • Range of Flow Rates from 50 to 150 LPM

  • LPG / LNG / CNG Dispensers
  • AbBlu Dispensers
  • Legacy pump Retrofit Kit

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Jigsaw Systems may be configured in many different ways to suit your business. If you don’t see exactly what you need here, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. The system has been developed with the help of end users in each market sector so we are confident that we can cover any requirements with our systems.

More Information

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